Govvind Raja awarded the ‘Excellence in Finance Leaders’ award at FiNext Conference Dubai 2020.

Dubai 2020. Govvind Raja is the General Manager — Global Vision Advisor FZ LLE. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with over 2 decades of experience. He specializes in Business strategy & expansion, Finance, HR & Process.

Govvind served in Leadership positions and was responsible for forming strategic partnerships & growing businesses. He was instrumental in growing Etisalat Software Solutions from a 30 member team to 650 members. He also has the distinction of leading Natural Search (UK based digital marketing Company) for ISO certification, which was the 2nd Company in the world to get the certification in the Industry.

In 2018 he moved to Dubai and started a Business Advisory firm ‘Global Vision Advisor’ with branches in Bangalore & Leeds (UK). The Company focuses on 3 main areas, namely Investment Banking, New Market Entry Strategy & Tax advisory. Govvind served as a Board Member of Etisalat Software, India. He was also recognized as Top 100 CFOs of India by CIMA, UK. He is also an advisor to a Sovereign Fund.

“ Finance industry is going through a revelation by adopting Technology like never before. Blockchain and Business analytics are enabling Finance professionals to not only transform the business processes but also make it inclusive of different strata of the society. We all need to embrace the change and make the most out of it.”, said Govvind.

Govvind was honored at the Finext Awards and Conference award ceremony at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre.

This was the Fourth Edition of FiNext Awards & Conference, held on the 26th and 27th of February at the Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. This much-awaited conference of the year brought together and celebrated the excellence of companies and people in the FinTech sector.

Fin-Tech industry needed space for the smartest, innovative, inventive and ambitious people to connect and create, consequently FiNext Awards and Conference were started as a dedicated platform to serve the needs of the Fin-Tech industry in terms of interaction, innovation, networking and showcasing of the talent.

Two days of celebration of people who have put their lives in innovating, transforming the way how people transact through technology. FiNext Awards acknowledge people who are bringing the future of finance through their persistent efforts.

The conference strives to build a platform for startups, SMEs, key decision-makers, researchers, investors and people from the media to interact and garner meaningful alliances.

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